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BART Earthquake Safety Program

The $1.3-billion BART Earthquake Safety Program (ESP) involved planning and implementation of seismic safety upgrades and rehabilitations throughout the BART system. It entailed multiple complex projects, including the retrofit of aerial (with more than 1,900 aerial guideway supports) and bridge structures, trackways, the Transbay Tube, stations, parking structures, and yards and shops.

Services Provided: As a member of the program management team, The Allen Group staff provided a variety of services during planning, design, and construction of the 30+ contracts within the program. Services included: construction planning; constructability review; value engineering; document control; review of Requests for Information, contractor submittals, product submittals, shop drawings, and as-built drawings; safety monitoring; inspection/field engineering; development of construction contract specifications; development of quality assurance and safety plans; labor compliance monitoring; disadvantaged and small business enterprise support; and community relations and public participation support.