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BART Warm Springs Extension

The Warm Springs Extension project added 5.4 miles of new track from the existing Fremont Station south to a new station in the Warm Springs District, and included construction of a mile-long subway beneath Fremont Central Park and the eastern lobe of Lake Elizabeth. The challenges presented by this project included its close proximity to residential communities and the BART operating system, as well the project’s location in a popular city park that hosts numerous team sports, summer camps, leisure activities, and community events.

Services Provided: The Allen Group community relations staff worked as an integrated team with the project management staff throughout project construction, allowing the community relations staff to continuously address the needs of and share up-to-date information with affected community members, BART patrons, and BART staff. Responsibilities included: maintaining a project information line and web page with regular project updates; conducting outreach to business and neighborhood groups, and civic organizations; providing project updates to the City of Fremont; conducting project tours; attending local community events to further engage with the community and disseminate relevant project information; and coordinating project-related milestone events.