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FTA Project Management Oversight

The Project Management Oversight function for the FTA involves reviews and evaluations of large, complex FTA-funded projects to ensure they comply with contractual, statutory, regulatory, technical, and administrative requirements, and are implemented within scope, schedule, and budget with the highest professional quality. Project Management Oversight Contractor (PMOC) assignments include: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor and P3010 Light Rail Vehicle Procurement projects; the Transbay Joint Powers Authority/San Francisco Transbay Transit Center Phase I project; the Charlotte Area Transit System Blue Line Extension, Blue Line Capacity Expansion, and Streetcar Starter projects; the Utah Transit Authority Sugarhouse Streetcar project; and the IndyGo All Electric Bus Procurement project. The team has also supported the development of new Buy America standards for FTA, as well as conducted Buy America reviews and audits of grantees and associated vehicle rolling stock suppliers.

Services Provided: The Allen Group’s PMOC team includes project Task Order Managers (TOMs) and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in rail vehicles, systems integration, civil engineering, scheduling, cost estimating, safety and security, transit operations and maintenance, and Buy America compliance. In coordination with SMEs, the TOMS are responsible for routinely conducting project construction site visits and attending project management meetings, as well as developing monthly and quarterly reviews providing their professional opinions on a project’s status (e.g., project sponsors’ technical capacity and capability; cost, schedule, overall risks; quality; and safety and security, etc.). The TOMs prepare “readiness reports” at significant project milestones, such as readiness to enter final design, construction, revenue operations, etc. The PMOC SMEs have also provided expertise in vehicle procurement, operations and maintenance analysis, Buy America compliance, and schedule controls.