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Miami-Dade Transit People’s Transportation Plan

In 2002, the citizens of Miami-Dade County voted in a sales tax increase to be dedicated to transportation improvements under The People’s Transportation Plan (PTP), with money going to MDT for capital programs including a $90-million bus transit improvement plan, more than $7 billion of rail transit improvements that will add approximately 80 miles of new track and numerous stations, and transit-oriented development. This huge investment created numerous professional services and construction opportunities, and MDT was committed to fostering opportunities for small, local firms and disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs).

Services Provided: As a member of the program management team, The Allen Group developed and managed a DBE outreach program, including: a DBE Resource Guide/Database; Learning Exchange Program consisting of workshops led by industry experts; pre-bid assistance (e.g., individual consultation, online resources, and workshops) to help DBEs with pre-qualification/certification process and with identifying bonding sources, insurance, and working capital; ongoing information on contracting opportunities (e.g., website updates, quarterly DBE newsletter and promotional materials, informational events, and networking); as well as internal staff training seminars to facilitate understanding of DBE program objectives, and to engage staff in the support and outreach process. The Allen Group also helped MDT staff to develop contract language/conditions that reduced the financial burden and inequitable risks on DBEs (e.g., timely payment, accessible dispute resolution process, etc.).